Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving To All

Happy Thanksgiving!
I am so grateful to be serving the Lord in the best mission in the world. We had a lovely week this week. I am so grateful for all the blessings that the Lord is giving us.
Our investigator, Guo JM, is preparing so well for her baptism. She passed her interview this last week and will be baptized this coming Sunday. She is very excited because that day is also her birthday. Actually, while helping her fill out the baptismal record we discovered that December 6 (this Sunday) is her birthday according to the lunar calendar, but that her "real" birthday was the day that she had her baptismal interview. I guess that is the Lord's way of saying that it is meant to be!
Our other investigators are doing really well too. One of our newer investigators, Jenny, came to church with her daughter, Amy, and they both loved it. After church I was talking to Jenny and she said that before she did not really believe in God or anything, but she has slowly begun to feel something. I reminded her that we had learned about the Holy Ghost during Sunday school class and she agreed that she must be feeling the Spirit. I think that she has a lot of potential. She is eager to learn and also very sensitive to the feelings of the Spirit. We are all very excited for her and her daughter.
Thanksgiving dinner #1
Sister Lam is doing awesome. Her and Sister Park are both so great. They both are teaching me so much and I am so grateful to be with them. Being in a tri-companionship is so much fun!
For Thanksgiving we had a zone Thanksgiving dinner. It was fun and yummy. I was in charge of sweet potatoes! Our zone actually only has like 6 Americans in it and then everyone else is from the Philippines, Korea, England, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Sai wonder our zone is the "international zone". So, it was most everyone's first Thanksgiving dinner. I think they all liked it :)
Then, right after filling up we ran to visit a senior missionary couple who had also invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner. So yummy! And, they introduced us to their mandarin-speaking member.
Sister Park has never had Thanksgiving before and she was so lucky to get two in one day. We have discovered that she realllly loves mashed potatoes. She kept saying "wow, its soooo soft! How do they make it so soft?" And all week I have been teaching Sister Park and Sister Lam about Thanksgiving traditions. It has been fun, but now I am sooo ready for CHRISTMAS time!!
Sister Sharp teaching English class
English class teachers (missionaries) with a few students
Sister Sharp and her "posterity" - i.e. two "children" (those she trained), one grandchild, and one step-grandchild(?)

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