Monday, December 7, 2015

Candy Canes

We had a really great week this week. I am so impressed by both Sister Park and Sister Lam. They are both such awesome missionaries. I am really grateful for their hard working example.

This week we spent a big chunk of time being Santa Claus and delivering candy canes and Christmas cards to our members and less active members. As a district we have decided to visit and deliver a Christmas card and candy canes to every member of our branch. It is a bit hard because there are so many people to visit, a lot of less active members that we aren't sure if they exist of not, and our branch covers all of Hong Kong (which is pretty huge and takes a lot of time)!!  But, we have learned that our little act of kindness has really helped the members to understand that we care. Also, we love to feel the Christmas spirit as we go around spreading cheer.

Guo JM's baptism (with her husband,
President and Sister Lam, and us missionaries)
This week we had so many miracles. I think the biggest miracle was that Guo JM was baptized yesterday and will be confirmed next week! She has changed so much since the first time we met her. She was always great, but now she has a new light and happiness. We were also so happy to see her husband (who has been less active for years) come to support her at her baptism. We are so happy for her! She was also really touched that President and Sister Lam came to support her too. While singing the opening song she just started crying and grabbed my hand and held it so tight. She is so awesome and I am so blessed to be able to work with her.

Saturday we were able to bring Jenny and her daughter Amy to the Christmas concert in the Wan Chai chapel. I am not sure that they understood everything (though we did do some translating for them), but it was still great for them to come and see. Jenny has started to work really hard at praying every day and we are so grateful to see her progress.

Saturday night our investigator, Annie, called us. She is leaving for mainland (for Christmas break) on Tuesday and we did not think that we would be able to see her again before she left. But, she called and said that she really wanted to meet again before she left and that she was also going to bring her son. We were so excited to meet with them both yesterday. Annie's son, Tommy, has been at university in America and is back for the break time. When we first met him he said "So, you're the Mormons?" and we were like "Yes!", but at the same time I was thinking oh no....did he hear a bunch of anti while living in America. But, I was totally wrong. He said "yeah, I have friends who served missions in Australia." Turns out he lives with a host family and his host brother is a member and would take him to church with him sometimes. He also had even met the missionaries while living in America. We suggested that it must be God's planning to have both of them meet the church at the same time but in different parts of the world. They agreed.

I am so excited for this Christmas season! What a wonderful time to remember the greatest gift that God has given! If you have time and want to feel the Christmas spirit, you should go look at

Love you all! 

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