Monday, January 26, 2015

All is Well

Hannah and her three missionary roommates

Another good week. I can't remember anything particularly exciting happening. But, we were able to meet with many wonderful people.

Right now we are teaching two teenage girls which has been really fun. One of them, Candy, is 17 and is super outgoing. She has been coming to church every week since we have started meeting with her. She enjoys learning and is eager to learn more. The other, Emily, is 19. She is a bit shy and quiet but has a super earnest desire to learn about Christ. She wants to change her life and she knows that the gospel can help her. I just love them both and have so much fun with them! 

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said that some Cantonese Sisters called us and told us that one of their members wants us to teach her mother? Well we have continued with that and she is doing great!  She is so nice and is trying so hard to learn! Her daughter is such a great example. Having been blessed by this gospel herself she is so eager to share it with her mother. So great!

All is going well in Hong Kong. The weather is starting to get a bit warm again. I am scared that it is going to get warm too fast....I'm not ready for the summer. Everyone says it is soooooooo HOT.
Anyways, that's it for this week. Have a lovely week!

Monday, January 19, 2015

A Great Week

This week has been great again! Every week is great! The highlight of this week was the Temple! Such a great place. 

Chinese New Year decorations at our apartment
We had some more great finding experiences. I'd like to share one: While finding in Victoria Park one evening we came to a fork and Sister Tse was like "Should we go left or right?" and I was like "Right!" so we did. At the third bench we passed there was a girl sitting there, so we started to talk to her. She was actually from the Philippines so we spoke to her in English. We ended up sitting with her for a while and sharing with her about the gospel. Her name is Jasmine. She was really awesome and we were able to really bear testimony to her that what we were saying was true. We gave her a Book of Mormon and read with her and she was really touched. It was so awesome! We became great fast friends! At the end she asked if we could meet more so that she could keep learning. We were like "YES!" and so we set up an appointment to meet the next day. The next day comes and we meet her at the park (she has her Book of Mormon in her purse and everything) and then take her to the church and introduce her to the Philippine missionaries (Sister Aro and Sister Posadas who are actually our roommates) who then take her to a relief society activity. That night, when we all came home Sister Aro and Sister Posadas told us that Jasmine had a great time! She loved church and she is so happy to learn more! Yay! They also told us that she had told them that last night, before we had met her, Jasmine had been sitting in the park and was actually waiting for a friend...though he never came and we did instead :) and some creepy guy was coming up to her, and so she was really scared. And then, a little bit later we approached her and she saw our name tags and said that she knew that she could trust us! So, without even knowing it we had been totally led to her not only to bring her the gospel, but also to comfort her when she was scared and protect her! She is so awesome!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy we met her :)
Sister Tse, Candy (an investigator) and me
We also met several new investigators this week....they are all so great! I am so excited to get to know them more! We have one who is 19, just like me. It's so cool because she is always like "Hey you're 19 too, so...." and then she asks me a question! I am so happy to have the opportunity to meet and help such wonderful people!
Shopping in Mong Kok

I'm also really happy right now because for P-day today we went to Mong Kok! Which has really cheap shopping places! We went to a thrift shop and for about 10 USD I bought 2 skirts, 3 shirts, a cardigan, and a dress (by some miracle I was able to find clothes that were actually long enough for me ... so I'm happy for that too!)!  AND Sister Tse and I bought selfie sticks - you attach it to your camera and then you can take better selfies! Hahaha :)  Every Chinese tourist has one and now we do too :)
Check out my Selfie Stick!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Finding is Fun

This week was an excellent week of finding! Every day that we went out finding we somehow managed to meet the nicest and awesomest people ever! I know that the Lord is guiding us in his work and leading us to those who are ready to receive this glad message! Here are just some examples from this week:

On Friday we were out finding at Quarry Bay and we met the nicest girls. They were both students and were just so great. We just said hi and ended up talking to them for a while. They thought we were so cool for being on missions and were so interested in learning more about Christ, both of them already being faithful Christians! They said so many things that were just asking for the gospel like "Yeah, it makes sense that we would have a prophet" and "Oh yeah, I've walked by the church and always wanted to go inside" and "Yeah, people are really starting to like follow worldly standards for everything and it's terrible" (I summarized but you get the main idea). We gave them each a Book of Mormon (thank heavens we had extra copies on us!). They were both so excited!

Last night it was freezing cold ( 50degrees...) and pouring rain, but we were still out finding. Sister Tse and I were actually kind of spacing out for a second when a man shouted at us from across the pavement (insert British accent) "Hey can I buy an umbrella off ya?" We were both like "huh?" and then he walked over to us and was like "I'm only joking. Can i help you two? You look a bit lost?" (and I'm sure we did look lost just standing in the rain....) But we said "Oh no we aren't lost - we are actually missionaries....." He was really interested. We gave him a Book of Mormon and taught him a bit. It was only after getting his business card that we realized he was a fancy VP of some big company. But I am so grateful that we were able to meet him. I truly believe that the spirit led us to Hong Kong park (even in the rain when it was unlikely that anyone would want to talk to us) and that he (whether he knew it or not) was inspired to talk to us! 

The Virginia Hotel ... just like home!
Another great story from this week:  A couple weeks ago some of the Cantonese sisters called us and said that one of their member's mother would be coming from mainland to live with her and that this member wants us to teach her mother. We were like cool sounds great, and so we went. The first lesson with them was alright....her mother didn't say much and it was pretty obvious that she was only meeting with us to please her daughter. She also has zero Christian background so everything was very, very new to her and a bit hard for her to understand and accept. But, we met with her again this last Saturday and something happened during the lesson and she was totally able to open up! It was amazing! And then ... she came to church on Sunday and told us that she had prayed!!!!!!! She was so different! So much happier and peppier than she was when we first met her. At the end of church, much to the surprise of us and her daughter, she was up talking to people on her own! We are so excited for her, and it is so awesome to see how happy her daughter is that her mother is learning about Christ too! I am so excited for the both of them!

So yes, this week has been excellent! And today we went to the temple! It is a wonderful place! I love being a missionary!

Our matching cat sweaters!

Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a great 2014 and is super excited for 2015! I know I am! It is so cool and also soooo awesome to think that I will be in Hong Kong for all 365 days of this year! I am so excited!

This year started off nicely and Sister Tse and I had a great week.  We met lots of new people who are willing and eager to learn about the gospel. I think the "New Year's spirit" is affecting people and they are ready for a change. And we provide the opportunity to make a great change and the best change ever!!

Kind of a cool story from this week:
Quarry Bay - Hannah didn't send pictures this week,
so here are pictures from the area she's working in

Promenade at Quarry Bay
So Sister Tse and I were on the metro on our way to a place called Chai Wan to go finding. It is the last metro stop. I was just standing there and then the metro stopped at a place called Quarry Bay (like five stops before the one we were going to) and my companion, Sister Tse, just starts walking off the metro. I was like "Ahhh, where are you going??" But I followed her off and was like "uhhh?" and she was like "Wow, I didn't really even realize that I was getting off..." So we were like "Ok, I guess we need to go to Quarry Bay instead of Chai Wan" and so we did. And we went to this really nice promenade that goes along the bay where we happened to run into the cutest old couple! AND they are Mandarin-speakers!!!! Yayayay! They were super nice, we got to know them and exchanged contact info and we called them the other day and will be meeting with them! Yay! I truly believe that sister Tse was guided to get off the metro and that we needed to meet that couple.

There are three English classes taught on Hong Kong Island. This week we went to the one in Aberdeen. It was so great! We don't normally go, but the Aberdeen Elders called and told us that a Mandarin lady has been coming and they wanted us to meet her. So we came and we met her and she is so great! I am so excited to get to know her more!

Rebecca is continuing to do fabulously! Yesterday at church she asked us when she can get a calling. She is so awesome and has such a strong testimony and is so amazing! I am just so lucky to have been able to teach her.

Since it is the start of a new year I guess I could say that one of my resolutions is to be more Christlike! I just want to be able to love people and act as Christ would in all times, things and places. I hope that everyone has a very happy new year!