Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a great 2014 and is super excited for 2015! I know I am! It is so cool and also soooo awesome to think that I will be in Hong Kong for all 365 days of this year! I am so excited!

This year started off nicely and Sister Tse and I had a great week.  We met lots of new people who are willing and eager to learn about the gospel. I think the "New Year's spirit" is affecting people and they are ready for a change. And we provide the opportunity to make a great change and the best change ever!!

Kind of a cool story from this week:
Quarry Bay - Hannah didn't send pictures this week,
so here are pictures from the area she's working in

Promenade at Quarry Bay
So Sister Tse and I were on the metro on our way to a place called Chai Wan to go finding. It is the last metro stop. I was just standing there and then the metro stopped at a place called Quarry Bay (like five stops before the one we were going to) and my companion, Sister Tse, just starts walking off the metro. I was like "Ahhh, where are you going??" But I followed her off and was like "uhhh?" and she was like "Wow, I didn't really even realize that I was getting off..." So we were like "Ok, I guess we need to go to Quarry Bay instead of Chai Wan" and so we did. And we went to this really nice promenade that goes along the bay where we happened to run into the cutest old couple! AND they are Mandarin-speakers!!!! Yayayay! They were super nice, we got to know them and exchanged contact info and we called them the other day and will be meeting with them! Yay! I truly believe that sister Tse was guided to get off the metro and that we needed to meet that couple.

There are three English classes taught on Hong Kong Island. This week we went to the one in Aberdeen. It was so great! We don't normally go, but the Aberdeen Elders called and told us that a Mandarin lady has been coming and they wanted us to meet her. So we came and we met her and she is so great! I am so excited to get to know her more!

Rebecca is continuing to do fabulously! Yesterday at church she asked us when she can get a calling. She is so awesome and has such a strong testimony and is so amazing! I am just so lucky to have been able to teach her.

Since it is the start of a new year I guess I could say that one of my resolutions is to be more Christlike! I just want to be able to love people and act as Christ would in all times, things and places. I hope that everyone has a very happy new year!

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