Monday, November 23, 2015

Introducing Sister Lam

Sisters Sharp, Lam, and Park

Great week! We are just so excited to be working with Sister Lam (my new trainee). Sister Park and I
really love her. The Lord has blessed me with such awesome companions. I am so grateful for both Sister Lam and Sister Park's examples. I have also really loved seeing how much Sister Park has "grown up" in the last week. She is such a good older sister. Sister Lam too is so great.  She is from Hong Kong and started her mission on Tuesday. I also met her on Tuesday. She actually will be going to serve in the Temple Square mission in Salt Lake City, but she is waiting for a visa and so she will start her mission here in Hong Kong. She is adjusting well to missionary life (even without the MTC) and is very eager to learn.

Our investigators are doing really well. We only have one investigator who is progressing, but she is progressing wonderfully and preparing for her baptism in a couple of weeks. We are so excited for Guo JM. She is always so excited to share her spiritual experiences with us.

Another miracle of the week was that Ethel took home a Book of Mormon. Ethel is 19 and has been meeting on and off with missionaries for a couple of years. She really likes the church, but her mother is very very opposed. Her school also tells her bad things about our church (lots of kids go to Christian or Catholic schools), but she always says that she does not believe them. However, she has not been willing to take a Book of Mormon home because the last time she took one home (a couple of years ago) her mother threw it away. And so, because she has not really read the Book of Mormon (though, sometimes she will look at it on her phone) she does not have that testimony that this church is God's only church and that everything she has been learning about is true and will help her if she is willing to accept it. When we met with her this week we really focused on the Book of Mormon. She agreed to take the book!

We also met one our investigator Annie's husband. At first I was a bit scared when we went to meet with her and she said that she was bringing her husband because he wanted to know what this missionary stuff was. He ended up being great. He was so nice. He was also super funny. He is not interested and not really willing or ready to listen, but at least he does not oppose. He said "I don't need this, but you are free to 'chuan jiao'(like do missionary work...) to my wife." Unfortunately, she will be heading back to mainland for the holiday season, but we will be sure to keep meeting when she gets back.

Another cool thing has happened. Sister Lam (our mission President's wife...not my new companion...there are a lot of Chinese people with the surname of "Lam") was telling me at our interview a few weeks ago that she met a mandarin speaking woman while out eating with some friends. The restaurant they were at was not in our area, but it turns out that the woman, Bao JM, lives in our area. She has been to church for the last two weeks and loves it! We have not been able to meet with her yet, but she says that she will keep coming to church. Thank you to Sister Lam for being an awesome missionary!

Sometimes as missionaries you meet weird people. Everyone is a child of God...but sometimes weird things happen. For example, we got a call last night (at 2:50 am) from a man we had met a few days earlier. We did not answer (we were all asleep), but he left a voicemail of him just singing Christmas songs. Every day as a missionary is fun, happy, and interesting! 

Sister Park figured out how to roast marshmallows in our little toaster oven!
It takes a long time and she gets really sweaty!

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