Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Work of the Lord Continues

Working with Sister Valenzuela

We were hit by lots of cancelled lessons and interesting schedule changes. But, it is no matter. The
work of the Lord continues on. This week I went on exchanges with Sister Valenzuela. I went to Tagalog work and her companion came here to Mandarin work. Sister Park was a bit nervous, but she was also excited for the challenge. I think it went very well. She was very excited to tell me all the things that she had learned. She was especially scared because her companion does not speak Mandarin, but she told me that Heavenly Father really helped her and everything went well. I also had a great time with Sister Valenzuela. I think she is such an amazing example. Her faith and desire to help people are so strong.

Last week, while visiting an investigator we happened to meet a really nice older man.  He was really interested when he heard us speaking on the phone in Chinese. This week we were able to meet with him again. His wife was in mainland to see a dentist and so she could not come this time, but he said that she will be back in a few days and then we can come again to see them both.

At a pretty neat park
We have an investigator, April, who we have not been able to meet with for some time. I used to talk about her a lot in my emails because she was progressing amazingly and we all thought she would be baptized pretty soon. But, she randomly got really busy and stopped meeting and coming to church. Sister Park and I were devastated. She was always so happy when she came to church and when she was learning about the gospel. She has such a strong desire to have an eternal family. I do not know what happened...(maybe she was not ready yet or maybe Satan also knew how awesome she was and so he distracted her). We have tried to keep in contact with her by calling and texting every once in a while. She is friendly, but always too busy. BUT, last week she texted and said that things have finally started to calm down again and she wants to come back. Yesterday, she and her whole family came to church!  What a miracle! Hopefully now she will be more ready to receive the blessings of the gospel!

Our other investigators are doing well too. Unfortunately, they were unable to attend because either they were in mainland or taking care of sick friends (really, we had several people cancel because their friend was sick or in the hospital...). We hope that next week we will have more success in bringing people to church. Coming to church is just such a special opportunity for them to feel the Spirit and see the fruits of the gospel.

Happy Halloween!!!!! People don't really celebrate Halloween here....but I have had fun telling my companion all about it. We also taught English class with a Halloween theme. People were pretty confused when I tried to explain what "trick or treat" actually means. Hahaha 

We are diverse missionaries!  (Myanmar, Korea, America, Philippines)
1995 was the Year of the Pig

We are all PIGS!

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