Monday, November 9, 2015

A Saturday of Miracles

We had some hard days and some a bit less hard days but all of them were so good. Saturday in particular was miraculous! Here's why:

First, we met with a long time investigator (like a couple years I think), Ethel. She is a teenager and really struggles with faith. She also hears lots of anti about our church, but she also has a desire to follow Christ and does not believe the things others tell her. When deciding what to teach her this week Sister Park and I were a little stumped. Sister Park had the wonderful thought that we just need to focus on Jesus Christ. He really is the center of everything. We shared about his atonement and also watched the Bible video of his crucifixion. The spirit was so strong as Sister Park and I both testified of the love of Christ and of our Heavenly Father. While planning, we also felt inspired to invite her to baptism. It seemed like a long shot because Ethel really has been learning for a long time, but we decided to go for it. She was so happy we had invited her and said "I've always wanted to be baptized!"

Then, our second lesson for the day cancelled at the last minute. We were a bit disappointed, but decided it must be because Heavenly Father knew that we had not had enough time to plan her lesson yet and that we should have been more prepared.....

Saturday night we went to meet one of our newer investigators. He is an older man that we met by chance while visiting a different investigator, Anna, who lives in the same building as him. He actually heard us speaking Chinese and was interested in talking to us and said that we could come back and teach him and his wife sometime. We went last week, but his wife was out of town, so we just taught him a very simple lesson. On Saturday we were planning on teaching him and his wife. But, when we got to his building he was not home yet. So, we sat outside to wait and happened (I don't believe it was a was definitely God's hand) to see our other investigator, Anna, and her grandson outside playing ping pong. She was happy to see us, but also a bit confused as to why we were there. We told her that we had come to teach a different family, but they were late. She talked with us for a bit and invited us to come visit her after we finished visiting the other family. Eventually the investigator we were originally going to meet came home and he let us come visit and teach him and his wife. At first his wife was really skeptical of us, but by the end she opened up and we had a wonderful time. Her husband was so excited to share with her the things that he had learned last week when we came (about prayer). They are so cute. They are probably in their upper 60s and just so adorable. When we were going up to their apartment we passed the building security guards and very happily he said "these are my missionary friends!".  And then, we went to visit Anna and her grandson and had a great lesson with them too. It was a wonderful day! Everyday is wonderful but Saturday was just an example of how the Lord really is helping his work to move along. I am so grateful to be his instrument in doing so.

Various pictures this week:
Reminds me of that building from the new Star Trek movies (Dad - so proud of her reference)

Crazy missionaries

P-day Picnic at the Park

Hong Kong really is tiny!

Sister Park is NOT a good piggy-back rider!

Love this city

On our way to see the monkeys

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