Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Training Again

A monkey and me - I'm so brave!

Another lovely week. The weather finally cooled off! But, then it is hot again today....

We saw monkeys last Wednesday. They are surprisingly scary!

I think the biggest miracle for the week was our investigator GuoJM. She has been in mainland for the last two weeks. She came back this week and was able to meet with us. She is very excited for baptism and wants to be baptized on December 6. December 6 is also her birthday! After teaching her we reminded her the importance of coming to church and confirmed that she would be coming this week. She said that she would not be able to because she was going to Shenzhen and would come back Sunday evening. We explained to her that if she wants to be baptized on her birthday she needs to be at church this week (and every week). She told us that she would come back Saturday evening so she could come to church. She did! yayay!

President Lam called this morning to inform me that I will need to pick up my third trainee! Sister Park and I just finished the three month training program last week and now I will get to start all over :) I will now have had three mission babies and a grandbaby (Sister Ellsworth has been training for a few weeks now) :)

Also, I'm so excited for Christmas and Thanksgiving!!! Happy Holidays!

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