Monday, December 1, 2014

Food Miracles

I think that the best word to describe this week was food ... and definitely food-miracles. Since it's the end of the month and our funds are running low we bought really bland groceries last week and did not expect to have much fun with food this week. We could not have been more wrong. We were so blessed with lots of yummy food and so many opportunities while eating yummy food to share the gospel!

Korean BBQ
On Monday for P-day we and 3 of the 5 other Mandarin sisters decided to use our personal funds to treat ourselves to Korean BBQ! Sooooo yummy!

On Tuesday our Branch President finally had time to meet with us.  He took us out for delicious Japanese pork chops and we got to discuss how we can help the members of our ward.

Wednesday, Gracie, one of the recent converts was having a little birthday dinner with all the other YSAs (most of which are also recent converts). And they invited us too!

Thursday was Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner! We were fortunate enough to have TWO! The first was with our zone.  We were assigned to make pies (apple and lemon) though we helped with making lots of other things.  It was sooooo yummy! I was so surprised by how well a bunch of missionaries could cook! We even had turkey! A couple hours later we went over to a members house for Thanksgiving round 2! It was soooooooo goood!  They even found American sweet potatoes (which is pretty much impossible here...).  Plus, we got to talk to them about missionary work and they gave us referrals and everything so that was great!

Zone Thanksgiving - I am obviously the tallest sister. All the Philippine sisters (everyone but me and my companion and the other two Mandarins who are from Macau and Korea) call me "Sister Taylor Swift".  At least 3 people a week tell me I look like Taylor Swift!
Friday we met with a  recent convert and took her to the family history center! We are working on getting everyone started on family history! We are also preparing them all to go to the temple! There is a trip on the 20th of this month and we are so excited for everyone! After that we met with Rebecca and we watched The Testaments together and ate cookies (it was a bit cheesy...but it is really good for helping people to picture the Book of Mormon! Plus it is really funny to watch in Chinese).

On Saturday we went to English class.  So fun. We had a family from Pakistan come and I was working in a group with their 7 year old daughter. At the end of class she went up to the board and wrote "Sister Sharp is the best teacher ever."
With Elsa and Anna!

Sunday we had church! So good! And Sunday evening one of our recent convert's friends invited us over to her home for dinner and we were able to teach her a bit about her relationship with God and Christ and our recent convert told her about why this is so important to her. It was just a really great meeting.  She also made us Chinese style Italian food.  They both have little girls named Sunny and Jessica.  They spent the whole time dressed up as Elsa and Anna from Frozen (everyone here loooooves Frozen!). 

So yes, it has been a very good week.  My companion goes home on Thursday so I will get a new companion this week! Good bye Sister Garlitz! I love ya!

I bit into this pear - yuck!

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