Monday, November 24, 2014

The Gift of Tongues

This week I definitely learned that the gift of tongues is real! Yay! Chinese is so hard, but there have been several times when I found that Chinese was not a problem at all. For the first part of the week my companion was not feeling well at all.  Just a good old cold.  On Wednesday evening after dinner, we were getting ready to go out and she was like "I just need to rest for a few minutes". So she crawled into bed ... and then she did not get up until the next morning.  I was like "uhhh....what do i do????" even though she is sick I'm still supposed to do missionary things. So, I decided to organize our area book and make calls. Ahhhh sooooo scary! I have always avoided calling people when Sis. Garlitz asked me too. Even in English I don't like speaking on the phone. But, i did! I was so scared! I called a bunch of former investigators. Before and after every call I would just pray so hard that I would be able to understand what they were saying and be able to respond appropriately! And it worked!!!! I even set up an appointment for this Wednesday!! I was so excited I was like jumping up and down.

Saturday evening we had a meeting with a with all the Mandarin missionaries and some other members.  It was all in Chinese. and I understood everything!!!!!!  Just during the whole week in general I found that when I am talking about the gospel or bearing testimony or using the spirit or whatever, Chinese is so easy!
And then on Sunday our branch president asked me to say the opening prayer in sacrament meeting!!!! Afterwards one of the investigators that we had at church and one of the elders were like "Sister Sharp your Chinese has improved so much!" I know that I have so much to learn still but I know that the Lord is really blessing me! I am so grateful that he trusts me enough to learn this language.

We did not have too many appointments this week.  Something about the last two weeks of November makes everyone really busy. Most of the people we talk to are like "yeah, I'd love to about in December?" Sooo ... looks like we will be busy in December! Yay!

But, on Sunday the Kowloon sisters had a baptism! It was for a lady and her 9 year old daughter! It was right after church and it was awesome  The person who performed the baptism was himself a recent convert and he is just awesome! We met with Rebecca afterwards and she told us that it was the 2nd baptism she has been to (there was another one before I came that she went to) and she said that every time she sees one it increases her desire to also get baptized! She is just so awesome. She really does love the gospel and cant wait until she too can follow Christ's example and get baptized! 

So yeah, this week has been great! Happy Thanksgiving!

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