Monday, November 17, 2014


Noodles that made Sister Garlitz sick!

This week has been good, though definitely not the best week.  On Wednesday we had some noodles that an investigator gave us.  Ever since then my companion has not been feeling too well so we haven't really gone out and done much.  We did some finding and went to all of our appointments. But, the finding wasn't very effective and yeah - it was a bit rough.

Sister Sharp, Lily, Rebecca, Sister Garlitz (L to R)
Thursday we met with Winnie.  She is a recent convert who got baptized in August.  We met up for lunch and showed her the temple and the distribution center.  She really enjoyed it and is currently preparing to attend the temple on her own. On Thursday night we met up with Rebecca (investigator) and Lily (she just got home from her mission to Salt Lake Temple Square).  We went out for dinner and then read scriptures together.  Rebecca is progressing so well.  She is so awesome and has such a big desire to learn about the gospel.

On Saturday we went finding in a place called Pok Foo Lam.  It was awesome!  It is on the coast of Hong Kong Island and also in the mountainy areas.  It is so pretty!

Dinner with Gracie
Sunday we had a bit of a miracle!  On Saturday night we got texts from both of the investigators who were gonna come to church with us telling us that they couldn't.  We were really bummed and thought we weren't gonna have anyone.  But, then at church two unexpected investigators showed up! Yay!  And then Sunday night we had dinner with the Hong Kong Island Elders at Gracie's (a recent convert's house).  It was so fun and yummy!

All is well in Hong Kong! The weather is perfect now! Its like 75 or 80 every day! And, it has only rained once since I've been here!  It's so weird that I've already been here like 4 weeks.  Our branch president called yesterday and asked Sister Garlitz to give a talk next week (because she leaves on Dec 5) and then he asked me to speak the week after .... AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Wish me luck!

HAPPY POCKY DAY!!! (11/11)

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