Monday, December 15, 2014

I Love Sharing the Gospel

Sister Sharp doesn't know when to quit!

Another great week!  By the end of this week, I will have been here for two months ... super weird.  Time is flying by!  I can't believe it's already time to email again.

Last Monday, Sister Tse and I had some excellent bonding time and spent our P-day shopping and getting yummy mango bobba (not sure how to spell) drink things.  Sooo good.  We also bought matching scarves which we wore to district meeting on Tuesday.  We also bought matching cat sweaters.  They're awesome!  (And Mom and Dad, they were like 5 bucks (or less) each! Yay for cheap Chinese clothes!)

Sister Tse, myself, and the Mandarin-speaking Elders
This week was really busy with lots of turnovers with other missionaries.  We have turnovers when other missionaries on Hong Kong Island (either the Mandarin Elders or any of the Cantonese missionaries) have met a Mandarin person and need us to teach her.  So then we have turnover lessons!  Sometimes they work out super well and other times they are really awkward.  We had some of each this week.

We also had the interesting experience of teaching a lady (in a turnover with the Chai Wan Elders) who currently practices a very different Chinese religion (I don't remember the name of it...)  But the lady was really nice! and we had a good lesson introducing the gospel to her and stuff!

Rebecca is doing awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are getting her all prepared for her baptism this next week!  And she is just so excited!  She loves the gospel!  She really loves hearing about eternal families and I know that she has such a strong desire to be sealed to her family forever.  Rebecca is just so amazing!  I can't believe that I am lucky enough to work with someone like her!

Yesterday at church we had the primary program!  Oh my gosh - sooo cute!  All the classic primary songs but sung by the cutest little group of Chinese kids!  Everyone in the congregation was just like "awwwwwe" the entire time.  Our branch definitely has the cutest primary ever.  The only way to make it cuter is if Hazel, Lilly, and Emmett were in it!

Do you remember Elder Wong?  He is the one who spoke in General Conference this last October in Cantonese.  Well, he is a Seventy and he came to our branch yesterday ... and he yelled at me :(  Well, kinda (actually not really).  Here's the story: I always get asked to be our back up conductor during sacrament meeting if our regular chorister isn't there.  So yesterday they asked me to do it and so I went and asked our pianist (who is one of the young woman) what the songs are so we could go set the numbers up on the board.  So we went together and she was helping me do that and then Elder Wong came to us and was like "You don't both need to do this.  One of you go play the piano." It was really scary!  Like I'm sure he's a lovely person but it was scary!  But, I guess it's cool that I got to meet him!

Anyways, all is going so well! I love being a missionary! I am so excited for Rebecca next week! And I'm also so excited to be helping lots of other people come unto Christ too!

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