Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I Love Sundays

This week was sooooo fast.  I was amazed at how quickly Monday came again, but it has been super duper fun!

At Tuesday night's devotional we got to hear from another apostle.  And, we got to sing in the choir for him!  M. Russell Ballard came!  He spoke about missionary work.  It was so good!  It got me so pumped for general conference this week!

On Wednesday we got to host the new people again so that was fun!

On Saturday it started getting cold.  I forgot that Utah is cold.  So, I am kinda dying since I did not prepare for that.

Sunday was awesome!  Sundays at the MTC are the best.  Sister Cutler and I had a bunch of meetings all morning.  We found out about the new missionaries who will be joining our district this Wednesday!  We are so excited to do orientation and stuff for them.  During sacrament meeting on Sunday we had fast and testimony meeting.  It was rough, but I was able to bare my testimony in Chinese (with a couple English words thrown in).  For our Sunday night movie we went to see "Legacy" (it's a movie about pioneers) in Chinese.  The whole movie is kinda cheesy, but it was fun to watch.  All the missionaries learning Chinese went as well as all the missionaries who already know Chinese.  Most of the Chinese missionaries are from Taiwan and are going to like Canada or France.  Though, I did meet an elder going to Melbourne (where m best friend is!)!  That same Elder introduced me to a sister from Hong Kong! She was super nice! Though, she didn't speak very much English or Mandarin and I don't speak any Cantonese....so we couldn't communicate much.  Speaking of Cantonese....whenever i tell one of the Chinese missionaries i am going to Hong Kong they first say "wait, you're speaking Mandarin?"  I say "yes" and then they say "oh so you already know Cantonese?" and I say "no" and then they just stare at me .... hahaha or sometimes they just laugh.  So, I guess I really am gonna have to work on picking us some Cantonese! 

This morning we went to the temple!  It was great!  We got to do initiatories! After that we came back to the residence halls and decorated the door for the new sisters!  We are all just so excited to meet them!

So I am almost 6 weeks in! Only 3 more to go!!!

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