Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The MTC is Amazing

Ni Hao guys! 

Actually we are not allowed to say "guys" here...it has to be "Sisters and Elders." 

This week has flown by.  It seems we've been here forever even though it has only been about 10 days or so.  Just some random updates about MTC life:

All the Sisters in our zone
Our district is the bomb! The 12 of us get along so great and have become such good friends. We spend like 15 hours a day together so it's a good thing we all like each other!  IT will definitely be sad when we all ship out to different parts of the world. 

Sister Cutler and I have managed to create a fantastic work out schedule so we don't go crazy while at the MTC.  We wake up at 5:45 for the 6am Sisters-only aerobics/yoga/kickboxing class everyday.  Then we go pick up sack breakfasts and drop them off at our room, then we go run for a half hour around the campus until gym time at 7:35.  During the first 25 minutes of so of gym we run around the upstairs track.  It's really small (10 laps a mile)...so it actually makes us a bit dizzy, and then we spend the end of our gym period playing games like 4 square.  It's a pretty good start to our day! 

The MTC food is basically the same as at BYU, but with a bit less options.  We mostly eat salads though because they have good and interesting salads, but sometimes there are really weird/creative entrees...

All of the Elders (except 2) in our district have started a chopstick competition.  They wrote a constitution for it and everything.  Basically the rules are that you have to eat every single thing with chopsticks (even mints and stuff) and also have rice for at least one meal a day.  If you mess up then you have to wear this really ugly and dirty zip tie for the next day.  The most recent rule that they have added is the "Bear Clause".  It says that if you kill a bear with chopsticks and then wear its pelt, then you can eat you food with regular silverware.... 

Since there are only three missionaries in my whole zone going to Hong Kong (me and two elders in my district), I have started trying to meet the Cantonese Hong Kong missionaries! They are all super cool too!  Here's just a quick outline of this last week: 

Tuesday: We taught our third lesson to our investigator. It went as about as good as it can be when you don't actually speak much Chinese.

Wednesday: Our WEEKAVERSARY! 

Thursday: Our teacher challenged us to invite our investigator to be baptized during our next lesson.  Di Jie Mei and I woke up feeling sick with sore throats.  (Literally everyone in our zone is sick....our halls are like a hospital wing.  Its gross). 

Friday:  We had no more lessons with our first investigator....but now he is one of our teachers! And our first teacher is now our newest investigator (we teach her for the first time tonight).  We also got another new teacher.  He is from Singapore and we all really like him too.  All the older Mandarin speakers (in our zone and the other zone) who are going to Taiwain were planning on leaving this next Friday, but they found out that none of their visas went through so they were told that they'd be staying for an extra week or so.  It was so sad seeing how upset they were when they found out.  

Saturday:  I have no memory of this day....everything is a jumble.

Sunday:  Sundays at the MTC rock!  We started off with Relief Society and the first counselor in the General Relief Society presidency spoke...that was way cool.  For sacrament meeting everyone is asked to prepare a talk in Chinese and then the branch presidency randomly picks someone to speak....Sister Cutler and I prepared a killer talk...but we weren't picked! Haha.  Also, during sacrament meeting all of the leadership positions help by the missionaries in the oldest districts were released (zone leaders, sister training leaders, sacrament meeting coordinators, technology coordinators, and music coordinators).  Guess who was called as the new music coordinators....Sister Cutler and me!  hahaha  Sister Cutler has about as much musical talent as i do....but we were excited and happy to serve nonetheless! 

Temple Walk yesterday was also sooooo great!  It was perfect weather and just so fun!  The devotional last night was way super good!  The guy who spoke emphasized the importance of a study journal........which I really want to do now! 

Monday: Today is P-day (yay!).  The temple is closed though (boo).  So instead of going to the temple our district got together for a breakfast picnic outside the temple.  We ate and talked and played games and it was way fun! 

Soooo the MTC is way cool! There is this version of the "Army of Helaman" song and the "Sisters in Zion" song that we sing a bunch, but with modified words that fit missionary work.  It's really cool and being a missionary in general is super cool! 

Love you guys, 
Shao Jie Mei

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