Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Chinese ... Cookies

So this week has been sooo long ... but also flown by super duper fast.  I don't really remember which day is which because they are all basically the same.  They consist of morning runs and gym time and then like 6 hours of Chinese class.  So yeah, everything blends together. But here are some highlights: 

On Tuesday we had a devotional.  The focus of it was making sure that we take care of our investigators after they are baptized.  Our job as missionaries is not just to help people to be baptized but especially to help them build a relationship with their Heavenly Father. That was a really good devotional. 

Then on Wednesday we added a new district to our zone. There are three new sisters and they are all going to Singapore.  It is weird not being the youngest ones anymore.  Like, we are actually expected to know things now.  haha 

On Saturday we had TRC for the first time.  TRC is Teaching Resource Center.  During it, volunteers (who speak Chinese) come and we practice teaching lessons to members.  It is terrifying and we totally bombed it.  In all of our other lessons Di Jiemei and I have been teaching people who have never even heard who God or Jesus Christ was so it was super weird for us to teach people who already knew stuff.  So yeah, we definitely need to prepare better for TRC next week!

Yesterday, Sunday, was the BEST!  It was fast Sunday so instead of the normal Priesthood and Relief Society we had a "mission conference" which is basically a two hour devotional where all the MTC presidency and their wives speak.  And as you can imagine, it was great! They all spoke on different subjects and covered a range of spiritual topics.  During Sacrament meeting yesterday we got to do our calling for the first time and pick out the songs and pianist and stuff.  Then we had testimony meeting.  IT WAS SO AWESOME! Everyone bore their testimonies in Chinese and the spirit was so strong! I could  understand almost everything (even when the older districts spoke).  Then to end the meeting, the two older districts sang a medley of Abide with Me and Til We Meet Again.  It was so pretty and so sad.  Most of the Elders and Sisters in those districts will be leaving any day to go to stateside reassignments.  None of the people going to Taiwan's visas came in. So they will all be reassigned for about a month.  I'm gonna miss them all so much! They have been such great examples to me! 

This morning we went to the temple and it was great!

And speaking of awesome things and awesome people, I love my district! But, for some reason everyone in our district keeps getting boxes full of homemade cookies and stuff except for sister Cutler and I.  I guess our Elders felt bad for us so they sent us a package full of treats and goofy notes and stuff.  It was so sweet and they are so nice! 

The MTC is awesome! I am making so many great friends and learning so much! The Lord is helping me and I am so grateful to him.  But I just wanna get to HONG KONG!

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