Monday, September 22, 2014

Halfway to China

This week has been super exciting! 

First, we lost everybody from the older districts.  It has been super sad and depressing.  Now our district and the others that came in at the same time that we did are the "oldest" Mandarin speakers.  I wish all of those other missionaries the best of luck! They are all the best!

On Tuesday we had our devotional.  This week was a real treat because Elder Richard G Scott came!  Sister Cutler and I were lucky enough to make it into the choir for the devotional too.  He spoke about the power of prayer and it was just so awesome! 

Speaking of choir, yesterday at choir practice we found out that the MTC choir was asked to sing at conference (yay)!  But, only the  Elders (boo!).  I was so bummed! 

On Wednesday we got to host all the new missionaries that came in.  This means that we helped drag them away from their parents and get their name tag and find their room and stuff.  It was really fun! Though, super hot and I was really sweaty which was kind of gross since I was in a dress.  But, I guess it is good practice for Hong Kong!

Hmmm....what else.... 

Oh Saturday was really cool!  We got to watch the Ogden Temple Rededication broadcast.  I have never seen a temple dedication before so that was a super cool experience!  Also, on Sunday Sister Cutler and I had a meeting with President Teng and he relieved us of our calling as the branch music coordinators and called us as the new Sister Training Leaders for our zone.  So that is pretty exciting.  We spent most of Sunday going to like 8 different training meetings.  Sister Cutler and I are both stoked to serve and work with the sisters in our branch!  We are especially excited for next Wednesday when we will finally get some more sisters coming in!  We can't wait to help them get used to the MTC and stuff! 

This morning we went to the temple.  Which was awesome as expected.  And then we took some much needed naps.

The MTC is so fun, but again, seeing other missionaries get to go out into the field just made me so eager to finally get to work too!  

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