Monday, September 15, 2014

MTC Life

So this week, just like all the others, has been great!  It has gone by soo quickly.  Every day is just a mash up of lots of Chinese and lots of Gospel.

We are still teaching our two teachers as "investigators."  It is going pretty well.  It amazes me at what great actors they are.  Like we will be teaching our teacher one minute and she is super rude and disinterested and then 30 minutes later she comes in for class and is a completely different person.  They are pretty good actors.  

Everything is a blur and every day is pretty much the same so i don't remember very much of what happened...

It was Jian Zhang Lao's (Elder Johnson's) birthday this week so we made some little decorations and a birthday crown for him.  So that was fun!  Though, it was kinda difficult to get a hold of good crown-making materials.

Tuesday night's devotional was super good.  It was just an example of one of the many, many times we feel the spirit super strong here.  Oh, we had TRC again this Saturday.  Instead of being a train wreck like it was last Saturday, we actually didn't do too bad!  Our teachers actually watch us teach on camera (which is a bit intimidating).  The only feedback we got was that we worked great together, had a smooth lesson, and extended a very clear commitment.  Our only negative feedback was the we could have asked more specific questions instead of just "So what do you think?"  Though, in our defense that was the only question we asked because it's the only question we know how to ask in Chinese...!

The older districts finally got their stateside reassignments.  They are all so excited to finally leave the MTC after like 10 weeks.  I'm a bit sad though because I'm really gonna miss them.  They were awesome examples to us.

Ummm.....Sister Cutler and I are getting along great.  Every day we find that we have something else in common! So yeah we are always having fun together.  I also feel the same way about my district.  We are definitely the closest out of any of the other districts.  We are all just the best of friends.  

Speaking of friends, I keep running into tons of people I know both from BYU and from back home.  It's so cool to see everyone with their name tags and stuff.  I really admire them all for choosing to dedicate their time to the Lord.  

We are almost 4 weeks in which is soooooooooo weird.  I cannot wait until I am done though and can finally go to Hong Kong! 

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