Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference Weekend

I accidentally ate wasabi flavored edamame - yuck!!!
It has been another great week at the MTC.  Time is really flying by and I can't believe I only have two weeks left!  I should get my travel plans this week!

On Wednesday we got new Sisters.  It was so exciting!  They are just all so awesome!  Sister Cutler and I really enjoyed doing orientation and stuff for them.

Brother Zhanglao's (MTC instructor) birthday was this week!  So, of course we just had to celebrate.  We made him a birthday hat and sign and everything. 

This weekend has just been the best!  I have always enjoyed watching General Conference, but watching it as a missionary was so so so much cooler than ever before!  I never got bored in all 9 1/2 hours of it!  I think one of my favorite talks from Saturday was Elder Holland's.  It really made me want to be more charitable and Christlike.  I also really enjoyed Elder Bednar's talk on Sunday.  He really explained the reason for missionary work. Which, obviously, is really cool for a missionary!  Saturday night during the priesthood session all the Elders got to sing in the choir.  They did so good! If you watch it and look at the nametags closely you will see all of my mandarin Elders! 

Sunday night for devotional we had this really fun guy speak.  He was the first Tongan football player for BYU and then he went on to play in the NFL until he retired and is now a sports reporter.  He had some really great stories about missionary work.  

Classes and everything are still going well.  I really love our teachers! They're just so great! 

Everything at the MTC is great! We are almost at 7 weeks. It's kind of weird how long we've been here because the time has just flown by so fast!  Love everyone!!!

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