Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Poles and Plans

This week has been another great week at the MTC! 

Let me start with the best news .... I got my travel plans!!! I leave next Monday morning and will arrive in Hong Kong on Tuesday night!  I am soooo excited! Unfortunately, when I got my travel plans, we also got some bad news.  Turns out all the people going to Taiwan are going to be reassigned to temporary state side missions because their visas haven't gone through yet.  They were all pretty sad when they found out, but they all have good attitudes.  They should find out their reassignments this week

Also, this week I got my new name tags! It is all in Chinese!  I can't read it but I know that it says "Sister Sharp" and "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints"

At church on Sunday Sister Teng (our Branch President's wife and also the cutest lady ever) was giving a talk and she started tearing up a bit and she made a Miss Congeniality reference and said "I really do just want world peace." It was so funny! Though, I'm not sure all of the Elders got the reference.

I had a bit of an accident this week.  The MTC is going under a lot of construction and renovations right now.  So, I was walking and had my head turned looking at all the construction when I walked straight into a HUGE metal pole.  I hit it with the side of my face.  My cheekbone and jaw were so sore that I couldn't chew all day so I had soup for lunch and dinner.  Obviously, I blame my companion for this accident because she should have been taking better care of me...just kidding! 

I hope that my grandmother sees this and knows that I am super grateful for the GIANT box of cookies I got from her on Saturday!  It made my day!  There were enough cookies in there to be shared with almost all of the Mandarin speaking missionaries.  And, many of the Elders told me to make sure I told my grandparents thanks and that they were delicious!

So yeah that's about it!  Life is good!  And in less than one week I will be in  China...so I'm pretty happy!!!

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