Monday, July 6, 2015

Answered Prayers

This week was awesome! Sister Ellsworth and I have been struggling a bit with having people come to church with us. And church is so important because it really brings people to know Christ. Unfortunately, it seems that all our investigators are going back to mainland and so we haven't had many opportunities to bring people to church. So, we set a goal this week that every day in all of our prayers (companionship and individual) we would pray for people to come to church. Heavenly Father totally answered our prayer! He both answered in the way we expected and a way we didn't expect. Here's how:

  • Some Senior missionaries met a woman on the bus, Kimmy, and got her contact info and gave it to us. She came with us to church and loved it! She met so many members and was able to learn a lot.
  • Four less active members that we have been meeting with and working with came to church this week!
  • We have been really trying to meet with some of our more "lost" less active members. There are two in particular that have not been to church in a year or more that Sister Ellsworth and I have been focusing on (I'm not sure why...I think the Spirit was telling us that they were ready to come back. When I saw their records we just really felt like we needed to find them. It has been so frustrating that we have not been able to contact them). And then, they both came to church yesterday!! What a miracle. One of them even sat down right next to us in Sacrament meeting. I was like "Sister Ellsworth!!! That's her!! We've been looking for her!!"

Many other wonderful things happened this week. Sister Ellsworth and I were truly blessed and I am so grateful! Miracles are happening all the time!

Found a burger place ... mmmmmmm!

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