Monday, July 13, 2015

Monkey Business

He was screeching at me!!!
This week was another fun week. It was a bit disappointing as more of our investigators left for the mainland, but Sister Ellsworth and I are keeping the faith and have continued to see that the Lord is blessing us in doing His work.

This week was actually one of the more interesting weeks....

Our water bottle!!!
Monday: we went to monkey mountain! It was soooo fun but also a bit scary. All I wanted was to get a picture with a monkey, but every time I got close to one it would screech at me and start jumping at was so scary! One of my roommates got a picture of a monkey yelling at me and me being really scared. Another one even came up to her and stole her water bottle out of her bag!!!! So scary!

Tuesday: A really awesome district meeting and a fun day of finding in Tseng Kwan O.

Monkey Mommy!
Wednesday: We went Less Active finding with cookies! We decided to go to Kwai Chung and we found that there was a bus that went right from our apartment to that area (about 30 min ride). BUT, when we were on the bus for whatever reason it skipped our stop and then the next stop wasn't for another like 40 minutes and it was wayyy out of our area and up north in the New Territories! So, after like a two hour detour we were finally able to make it to visit a less active member. Turns out that we arrived at the perfect time - I guess the Lord just wanted us to come at the right time and so he sent us all the way to the New Territories!

Thursday: As we were heading out the door for the day I was spraying myself with bug spray (mosquitoes here are the worst!!!) and then I accidentally shot a ton straight into my eyes!! It burned so bad!!! Luckily, I have Sister Ellsworth who helped me to wash them out nicely.

Friday: The big typhoon that had everyone scared ... never came! Haha it was so lame!

Saturday: We had some good lessons. Yay!

Sunday: We had six less active members at church again!!! We are so happy for them! Coming to church really does help them soooo much!

Basically missionary work is the best! Sometimes it is really fun and other times it is pretty hard, but the Lord is always blessing us!

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