Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I Love the Temple

I love the temple! It is the happiest place on Earth and I am so grateful that we had the opportunity to go today! We actually had the super cool opportunity the other day to meet the team of architects and stuff who are building the Paris France temple! SO cool! 

Every day on a mission is the best. I am so grateful to be out here in Hong Kong serving the Lord. Things have been a bit hard recently because all of our investigators have gone home to Mainland (summer time), but we have continued to see the Lord blessing us. 

Wednesday evening after English class we were talking with some of our investigators when a little boy came over and started talking to us too. Our investigator, April, was like "where is your mom?" and this little boy was from Mainland and he said that his parents were "in the Temple doing ordinances." And then April turned to me and was like "Temple? Ordinances? What??" and so I quickly explained that the temple is across the street and it is a special place that we go to perform sacred ordinances. She was like "Show me!" and then she grabbed my hand and dragged me outside. We showed her the temple across the street and explained a bit about the blessings we can receive from it (including an eternal family). She was like "When can i go?" We said that only worthy baptized members are allowed to go in. She said "When can I be baptized?" we said "August?" and she said "Yes. My family needs this." So cool! We hope and pray that April will remember her desire to have an eternal and sealed family and that she will be able to attain these wonderful blessings! 

Sister Ellsworth and I have continued to work with our less active members. We hope that we can help them remember their faith and the joy that they feel in the gospel.  Love you all!!!!!

Temple Day with my missionary district

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