Monday, June 29, 2015

Speaking of Mammoths

This week has been great! Last week Sister Ellsworth and I were struggling a bit to get lessons, but we really tried to maintain our faith and a positive attitude. And then this last week we were blessed with so many wonderful opportunities. Sometimes the Lord wants to test our faith, but as long as we persevere and do what he has asked us to do, it will always work out.

Some of the highlights of this week include having some really great finding experiences. Unfortunately, many of the people we met we will not be able to continue teaching. This actually seems to happen a lot. Either they are from Mainland, some other country, or speak Cantonese. But, I am still grateful for the opportunity to teach those people. I think one of the biggest things that I have learned is that at any moment we can make a big impact in someone's life. Maybe they won't choose to accept the gospel right now, but we are still stepping stones on their road to conversion.

We are currently teaching one of our YSA member's parents. They are living with her now for a bit and she has told them all about the blessings of having an eternal family. And they want it! Sister Ellsworth and I are so happy to be able to help this family work towards that goal. We often tell people (because it's true) that the greatest blessing the gospel has given me is my family. And I really miss them but I'm happy to leave them if it means that I can go help other people have this blessing.

Here are some random/funny things about missionary life:

Our apartment is 90 HOT!  And it is so humid that if you open something crunchy like a bag of chips it goes soft within 10 minutes.

We found mold in between the wallpaper and our wall in our bedroom ... right next to my bed! So for the last few nights we took our mattress pads out and slept on the tile of our kitchen/living room area and our offices. It's like a sleepover!

Last week at the branch dragon boat festival everyone in our branch brought their old stuff and we had like an auction ... but everything was free ... and guess what I got ... a MAMMOTH!!!! (Dad - she loves wooly mammoths!)     
Oh and I chopped my hair more....

So yeah, life is great! Missionary work is the best!

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