Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hot in Hong Kong

Wow - Hong Kong is super hot! Everyone keeps saying that it is only June and this is "comfortable". I think when it becomes August I will melt!!!

We spent several hours out in the sun on Friday working at the Wan Chai chapel Welcome Center. We were baking. But, our time out there was super successful! We met one man from Beijing. He was super nice and we were able to give him a tour of the chapel. He told us that he was interested in having a church to go to when he was in Hong Kong (he occasionally comes here for work or whatever). So, of course we invited him to come on Sunday. And then guess what! HE came!!! He loved it!

This week we were fang-ed a lot (meaning lessons were cancelled/people didn't show up) which was a bit of a bummer. But, on the bright side we also had many unexpected miracles. On Wednesday we went to dinner with a member and she brought her friend that was suuuper interested in the gospel. Also, the food was delicious! 

And, the lessons that we were able to have this week all went really well. We had one last night that afterwards Sister Ellsworth and I were just like "Wow, the spirit was so strong there! That was awesome!" I really think that we said what the Lord needed us to say to help those people we were teaching.

Yup, I am confident that the Lord is completely guiding us in doing His work!

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