Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Stepping Stones

This week was another week that went by super fast. Though, every week is like that. The temperature is getting hotter and hotter. We are pretty much always sweaty, but oh well. We are happy doing the Lord's work and that's all that matters.

Once again, many of our lessons were cancelled for the week so we found ourselves out in the sun and finding. Though, we were able to meet lots of really great people.

Saturday evening we had our branch Dragon Boat Festival party. It was great! So much yummy food and fun branch bonding. I really really like Chinese food.

Church yesterday was great! And then last night we had a great lesson with some investigators (a mother and her son). They are so awesome. They have so many sincere questions and you can tell that they really are trying to find out the truth. We are happy to be the ones who get to share it with them.

I had a super cool experience Tuesday morning while I was eating breakfast. Our phone rang and Sister Ellsworth answered it and then said "Sister Sharp it's for you." So I answered. On the other end was a woman in India who Sister Law and I had met like three months ago at the Wan Chai Chapel. We had introduced her to the church a bit and then also given her a Book of Mormon. Then the next day or whatever she went back home to India. Anyways, she called me and was like "Sister Sharp! Do you remember me? I read that book you gave me. It was amazing. And then I felt like I really needed to call you and so then I dug through my stuff until I found your phone number" (I guess it was on a pamphlet or something we had given her). And then we just talked for a sec. I got her contact info and told her that we would send missionaries to come visit her in India. How cool is that? We never realize the influence that we have on people. Sometimes we are just stepping stones on their way to conversion!
I caught a butterfly!

Sister Sharp, Law, Ellsworth

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