Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Another Great Week

I feel like it was P-Day just a few days ago (which it was). And, so I feel like nothing super exciting has happened.  Sister Law and I are just happy to be here doing the Lord's work together. We have become really great friends. She says that since I have a Chinese younger sister she is my Chinese older sister.  Haha 

Sarah is doing great! She has now been taught everything and will have her baptism interview this week! She is sooooo excited to be baptized. 

Sister Law and I have decided that Heavenly Father must love her more than me. On Thursday we had planned to go finding all day (which Sister Law was not looking forward to)! haha  And she had blamed me because I mentioned that it'd be fun to do more finding. But, that morning we got a call telling us that a Mandarin lady had walked in the chapel and wanted to be taught. And so, instead of finding, Sister Law's prayers were answered and we ended up teaching lessons all day! It was great! 

We also had my first Chinese BBQ! Super fun! It was a ward activity for one of the Cantonese wards. Basically there is a big open fire and then like a bazillion types of meat and you just stick everything on a skewer and roast it. Yum!

I am super excited for Easter! Unfortunately, it seems like everyone is going back to mainland for the holiday break, so we might be a bit low on appointments this week. But, I am so excited for the opportunity to celebrate Christ's resurrection!

Today we are going to see Big Buddha! I will send pictures next week.  :-)

And here is some Q&A we asked her:

Do people you teach know about the Bible?
Most of them have heard about the Bible if they went to a Christian school (or if their kids do). But most aren't really familiar with anything in it. They just know that it talks about Jesus or sometiemes they have never even heard of it.

What do they think of Jesus?
They don't really know anything about Jesus. But they know that Christians believe in Jesus, though, in China Christians and Catholics are not considered the same things.

What traditions do they have that are challenging to overcome?
Chinese people loooooove tea!!!!!!!!! Green tea is in everything! It's everywhere, also, everyone smokes. But, they know it's bad and so they understand that they shouldn't do it.  But they are always surprised by tea because it is supposed to be healthy.

What do you usually teach the first time you meet with people?
We usually just teach about the godhead. Sometimes we will teach the whole restoration, but that rarely happens. 

Can you teach all the discussions in Mandarin now?All of them? No ... we barely practice lesson 5 so I am really bad at it! And I always forget the vocab for teaching tithing

What is your favorite thing to do as a missionary? 
Impossible to choose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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