Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Teaching and talks

My district after attending the TEMPLE!

Another great week! Sorry this is a bit late, but this week was TEMPLE WEEK! And so we had P-day on Wednesday so that we could go to the temple! It was great (as always)!. 

Sister Law and I were super busy this week. I even said "Wow we are so busy teaching lessons...sometimes I wish we could just go finding for once." Sister Law about killed me! She said "Are you kidding??? My last two transfers all we did was find for 7 hours every day! Be grateful!!!" Hahaha...and so far this week we have not had any appointments...oops.  :)

But, the lessons we taught last week all went super great! and our investigators are doing really awesome!

Sarah is super excited for her baptism. We have taught her almost everything (except for about laws and ordinances) and she loves it all. She is getting along great in the branch. I am so happy to see her making friends with other members.

Our investigator, Amin, came to church this week! She has gone to the Cantonese ward that is close to her home before, but this week she decided to come to the Mandarin branch in Wan Chai. She really seemed to like it! Her and her daughter both seemed like they had a good time.

In Sacrament on Sunday I gave a talk! It was a bit scary because in our Sacrament meeting on Sunday we had Elder Gong (a Seventy) and the Temple President in attendance. Elder Shukis (who was in the MTC with me) and I were the ones speaking so at least I wasn't the only one with bad Chinese who was speaking :) I spoke about prophets! I was hoping to get everyone pumped for general conference because I myself am suuuper excited! 

Pigs feet!
I keep getting questions about the food. The food is delicious!!!!! There are so many delicious and fun things to try. For example, this week I had pig's feet for the first time. It is pretty good! I've also become really good at eating chicken wings with chopsticks and being able to get the bones clean (just like Hazel).

So yes! Hong Kong is great! Time is going by soooo fast and I love missionary work!

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