Monday, March 16, 2015

Yeay for Candy!

Candy's baptism
Time is going by wayyyy too fast. I don't believe it. This week was all over the place and sooo busy!

First, CANDY GOT BAPTIZED! I'm not technically "her" missionary anymore now that I have moved from HK Island to Kowloon, but I am still soooooo excited for her! And since we are still in the same branch I got to go to her baptism. I am so happy for her!

Sarah is doing so great! This week we taught her the first few commandments and she was just like "yeah, I've been keeping the Word of Wisdom and law of chastity since I first heard about them a few months ago!" Normally, people are like "What?? No tea????" but Sarah was just like "Yeah it makes your teeth yellow so i don't want to drink it anyways." She is also so excited to be baptized. She loved seeing Candy get baptized yesterday and can't wait for her own opportunity. She asked our branch president to baptize her and is so honored that he agreed to. She has also been having several spiritual breakthroughs. I'll just give two examples:

1) On Tuesday night we were doing our planning and Sister Law was like "Oh! We need to call Sarah right now!" and I was like "uhhh ok!" and so I called. She was so happy. Sarah was just like "Every time I need to talk or something bad has just happened you always call at the perfect time!" (Thank you to Sister Law for listening to the spirit). And so then we were able to talk to her and comfort her and stuff.

2) Yesterday we had a whole Hong Kong fireside with Elder Clayton Christensen. Suuuuuper good. Sarah came and she loved it! He talked about the unexpected long term consequences of our short term decisions and how doing the things we need to do (prayer, scripture study, etc.) will strengthen us now and in the future and will help us have successful and happy lives. With all this he talked alot about the importance of family. It was super good! Afterwards Sarah told us all about how she is going to have more diligent prayer and scripture study. She really understands that when she does those things she is literally building a relationship with her Father in Heaven.

Hmmm....what else....I guess we just had a lot of lessons and stuff. We have been sooooo blessed!

Oh, we have started to do a Welcome Center thing at the Wan Chai chapel. They have put up videos and projectors and banners and lots of other really cool things.  All the missionaries in HKI (Hong Kong Island) and us are taking turns having shifts standing outside the building and offering tours and things. It went sooooo well!! It was sooo fun too! Sister Law and I had our first shift on Wednesday. We were able to meet lots of people and give them quick introductions to the church. I had one funny experience with a man who was waiting outside of the building because that was where he agreed to meet his friend. Sister Law had tried talking to him when he first came and she gave him a flyer but he wasn't really interested to talk anymore. After like 5 more minutes, I went up and just talked to him casually. And then I was like "Hey, do you actually just wanna help us pass out some flyers?" and then I handed him some. He was like "Uhhh...what? No one is gonna take them from me." And I was like "Sure, just try it!" and he was like "okkk" and then his friend that he was waiting for came and he was like "Oh! Look there is my friend. I'll just give it to him!" Ha Ha - I was like "Yeah that works too!" It was great!

I love being a missionary!

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