Monday, March 9, 2015

Funny stories

At the museum
Another good week in Hong Kong! It started to get warm today which is making me a bit concerned since it is only March! Last P-day we went to the Hong Kong Heritage museum which was super cool. We taught some fun lessons this week:

At the museum
Making Korean food with missionary roommates
We met with one woman, Alice. Sister Law and I actually met her the first time we went finding together. Within the first two minutes we started we saw her and talked to her, taught her prayer, and scheduled a return appointment. It's so rare to find a Mandarin person so quickly, but miracles happen all the time! Anyways, when we called her to confirm our rescheduled appointment, Sister Law also invited her to bring a friend if she wanted. And she did! So we had a great opportunity to teach both her and her friend. They are both interested in learning about the gospel and how it can help their families.

We also met with one of our other investigators. It did not go so smoothly ... She is kinda anti. It is weird because before and after the lessons she is super friendly and loves talking but then during the lesson she doesn't really want to hear any of what we say and then goes on rants about different interpretations of the Bible. She currently kinda believes this one religion that believes Christ has come back as a woman or something (I'm not too sure). And she speaks really fast and uses lots of terms and things that I've never heard, so it is a bit hard for me to keep up. But, she is super nice! Sister Law and I are praying to know how to help her.

Our investigator, Sarah, is doing super great! She is really excited to be baptized. She told us about how she tried to share the gospel with her mom. She also said she wants to stay in Hong Kong for a while so that she can keep coming to church here. Her faith is growing and I am really excited for her.

Oh, and we got another baptism date this week! Our investigator Amin is set for the third week of May! She seems to be really sincerely seeking for the truth, so I am excited for her too!

I am still really happy and excited to be doing good ole missioanry work!

(Dad here - We asked Hannah to share some funny stories - here are a few)

So, you all asked for a funny story ... I've got a couple. Mostly it's just about me being clumsy! This one actually happened last week: So, Sister Law, myself, and the Hong Kong Island elders were all at a member's house for lunch. There were actually quite a few members there (it was kind of a YSA activity). I was drinking some grape soda and wanted to get a piece of chocolate...but in the process of getting chocolate I dumped my grape soda onto my completely dumped! I had a full puddle in my skirt! I was like "ahhhhh" and then it started to seep through and I was sitting on her really nice couch and under me was her really nice white fur rug (the girl whose house we were at is pretty well off). So I had to like sprint to the bathroom. My white shirt was purple and the slip I was wearing was purple. But, thankfully the couch and rug were spared! 

Something else kinda funny - It is pretty common for us to be mid-lesson and have to stop and take a break for someone to tell me that I'm pretty or that they like my eyes or that I have awesome hair. Like seriously ... don't think I'm being really cocky or something! It's true - probably because I'm different/Caucasian. I can't get through a lesson with out that happening! And often it happens right after something really spiritual like I bare my testimony or recite the First Vision! I'll have just finished saying like "I know this is true...." and then there will be a pause and then they say "Wow you have very pretty eyes..." and then we like have to go off on a tangent! Hahaha - it's so nice but can be distracting! Hahaha 

Also, everyone says I have the best looking family! When they see my family picture they always say "Oh, they're Chinese and so cute (Hazel and Emmett), and your father is so handsome and your mom so young and pretty and then she (Lilly) is so tall! How old is she again?" Hahaha so nice! 

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