Monday, February 1, 2016

Lots of Lessons

We had an awesome week this week. All of our lessons went really well.

On Monday, we met with an investigator, HuJM. The lesson did not go as we had planned because her twin sons were a little more distracting than usual. Normally we just bring a lot of candy to give them...but now she doesn't want them to eat as much candy....soooo....haha it was a little rough. But, she did tell us that she now prays every day. We were so happy. That is such a big step for her. I think it is easy to see that she is happier now than she was when we first met her.

One of our lessons on Tuesday was with an investigator, CaiXS and his wife. They are 80 and 75 years old. His wife is not as interested, but CaiXS really loves learning the gospel. They are the cutest little old couple. Teaching them is so fun.

On Wednesday we met with our investigator Ethel. She is doing really well. She likes the church and wants to be baptized, but she still does not know if the Book of Mormon is true. I think that once she has a firm testimony of the Book of Mormon, then she will have no problem doing everything else that she needs to do. She reads from the Book of Mormon often, but still has not received or recognized the witness from the Holy Ghost that it is true. So, when we met this week we shared with her about the Holy Ghost. We helped her understand what he is, what his purpose is, and how he communicates with us. She committed to read and pray and listen. We will also be praying for her.

On Friday we taught some teenage girls and one of the girl's little brother. It was our second time meeting with them. We decided that we need to teach them differently than we teach our other investigators. We used a game to teach them and it ended up going super well. We are really hoping to meet their parents and start teaching them all together.

Sunday we were not able to get anyone to church. Even though we were busy teaching lessons this week, no one was available to come to church. But, we were able to have some good lessons on Sunday evening. Lily, who has a baptismal date, is doing well. Though, she started telling us about a fortune teller lady that she goes to... And then Aphim and her daughter are also doing really well. They barely have time to meet, but they were able to make some time for us to come and visit. It was nice.

I love you all back home! 

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