Thursday, February 11, 2016

Missionary words of wisdom

Happy New Year! Gong xi fa cai!!!  

We have had a lovely week (and a half). Since I am reporting on last week I will try not to include the things that have happened this week. Sister Park, Sister Lam, and I are doing really well. We are seeing lots of miracles and feeling really blessed.

Our zone training was on Friday. I think it went well. Since it was my last zone training meeting, I was able to share my "words of wisdom". I guess it is a mission tradition. (basically you just share for like 3 minutes about what you have learned as a missionary) I felt like I should talk about why missionary work is hard. There is a talk by Elder Holland that explains why this is. Basically, the reason missionaries and leaders have a difficult time is because "salvation is not easy". When Christ atoned and suffered for us it was not easy. I've thought about this a lot while being a missionary. I've come to understand that there is no reason that I should feel sorry for myself. Missionary work is difficult, but that is what makes it so wonderful. Christ's atonement was unimaginably more difficult. I am his representative, and so I am happy that I get to do hard things and then be lifted by him.

We also had some good lessons this week. With one of our investigators, Ethel, we watched the full length Joseph Smith movie. I feel the Spirit was really strong as we were discussing it afterwards. Even if it did not help Ethel (though, I think it did), it at least helped me and my companions. I think all three of us were strengthened in our testimonies of the restoration.

On Saturday we went to the Kwun Tong children's English class. Our plan was to meet with one of the students, Melody, and her mom after the class. However, during the class her mother came out to the hallway to talk to us. We had met her before, but had not yet taught her. After chatting for a few minutes she just broke down. Her brother, who is the only family that she has, is living in America and recently became very ill. She was so sad. We comforted her and took advantage of the opportunity to teach her about the nature of God and His love for her. Sometimes people need to be humbled before they are ready to hear the gospel. She and her daughter have been attending this English class for at least as long as I have served in Kowloon (a year), but she has never agreed to be taught. I'm so grateful that we could be in the right place and the right time to be God's instruments in comforting her.
This is like dinner every night.  Everyone wanted to feed us for Chinese New Year

We're making thousands of dumplings!

Dad - I think her crepe-making skills came in handy!

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