Wednesday, January 27, 2016


It has been crazy in Hong Kong. It snowed. I repeat, it SNOWED! Not a lot...but parts of Hong Kong were hit. The average winter temperature in Hong Kong is about 55 F .....on Sunday it was freezing (32 F). Sunday was the coldest it has been in Hong Kong in over 50 years. We have been freezing!! I have discovered the genius of wearing 4 layers of clothes and gloves to bed. It has been a memorable week.

Even though Sunday was unnaturally cold, we were able to see the faith of members and investigators as they made their way to church. And then Sunday afternoon we had a lesson with our investigator, Lily, scheduled in a park. Instead of cancelling she braved the cold and rain and met with us anyways. We have not seen her in a long time, so it was such a miracle to be able to meet. She has finished reading the Book of Mormon and is now preparing for baptism. Winter miracles!

Anna has now left for Australia! She is doing great!!!

On Thursday we met a really energetic woman on the bus. She was the most energetic 67 year old I have ever met. We asked the secret to her success and she said "I drink - wine, beer, everything!  And sometimes I smoke too!" We were a little surprised. She is a Christian but not super active in her faith.  We will  be meeting with her again. I am excited to help her find where true happiness comes from.

Our missionary zone at the temple!  Best Place Ever!

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