Monday, January 18, 2016

Going Hiking

We have had a lovely week. It got a little cool, but we wore jackets and were very comfortable. The miracle for the week is that Anna was confirmed. At first I didn't know if it was going to happen or not. When Sacrament meeting started she still wasn't there. We called like a bazillion times but she didn't answer. We were freaking out. But, our prayers were answered and she came just in time. She also brought her less active mother!

Unfortunately, yesterday it rained. When it rains it is near impossible to have investigators come to church. They are pretty scared of the rain I guess..... oh well.

BUT, we had an fun lesson on Saturday. We had FHE with a member family and our investigator, Ethel. It was cute and Ethel was really happy.

We met with Anna this week to help her prepare for confirmation. She does not like to eat alone, and so we always eat at our lessons. On Wednesday she took us for Dim Sum. She ordered 26 dishes. TWENTY SIX! There were only 4 people. We ate sooooo much. But, the lesson went nicely even though we were about to explode.

We met some new investigators. One of them is named Hannah (weirdddd). It is really fun to meet new investigators. I hope we meet some more in the next coming week.

Good news of the week is that two of our YSA , Jimmy and Becky, were married and sealed in the TEMPLE!!! So happy for them!

(Dad) Hannah sent us a bunch of hiking pictures this week!

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