Monday, September 28, 2015

Every Day Is a Great Day

Sister Park and I at Sai Kung

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!! We had a lovely holiday. Unfortunately, many of our investigators went back to the mainland for the holiday season. But of course the Lord still provided miracles. One of our newer investigators came to church and also accepted a baptism date. Her husband is less active and she really believes that the gospel can bless her family! 

We also met the cutest family. They live in a tiny little apartment with like a bazillion kids (I think they are a bunch of cousins) and they are just so cute! I am really excited to be working with them. 

Nothing super exciting happened this week. But, every day as a missionary is a great day! So, no complaints here. For P-day today we went to Sai Kung. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! It is a cove type thing and also in the middle of jungley mountains. SO pretty! Hong Kong is so pretty! And you can find everything here: mountains, beach, big city. It's great! 

Sister Park is so awesome. I love being her companion. She teaches me so much (even some Korean... chanun Sharp chamei imneida).

Also, the Book of Mormon is awesome! It really is God's word and no matter what question we have we can find the answer inside. I just finished it again this week and I LOVE it!
Look - It's Sharp Island!!!!

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