Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cindy and Nina

This week was another great week in the life of Sister Sharp. We had some wonderful blessings and also some miracles. Being a missionary is just the best. Today is temple day and so that was such a treat! 

Wan Chai Meeting House
For the last few weeks finding investigators has been pretty hard. But, this week the miracles came. For the first time in a long time we were able to have three new investigators. Two of them are a mom, Cindy, and her 20 year old daughter, Nina. They are awesome!!! A member met them on a train and felt like she needed to share a bit about our church and Cindy and Nina were really interested and so the the member also set up a time to meet. Cindy has no background, but she is so excited to learn. She also reminds me a lot of my mom :) she's so cute! and then her and Nina are best friends (like me and my mom!). We taught them on Friday and then they also came to church on Sunday. After church we taught another lesson to another new investigator that they had become friends with and they also came to that one. We taught the Restoration in both lessons, but Cindy and Nina loved it both times. I think it gave them a great opportunity to review. We even had them help explain things like "apostasy" and "prophets" to the other investigator. They are awesome. I'm so grateful to work with them. 

April and Silvia are both doing well. But, Silvia slept in and missed church :(. But, April is set to be baptized next week!!! 

I haven't talked about the Wan Chai welcome center in a while. In case you forgot that is when we go in front of our big fancy chapel in Wan Chai and invite people to come inside for a tour. SO, we were doing it for two hours on Saturday. We spent 80% of the time talking to old men. They were so funny.  When I tried to shake one man's hand he freaked out and went on a rant about how unsanitary that practice is (which I guess makes sense). Ha ha!

We went to the Temple today. It's the best!!! I love it so much!!!!!  And I love missionary work!

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