Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Our Happiest Life

At church!

Our lessons and teaching went pretty well this week.  In one, with our investigator, Iris, we were both able to really testify of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. She was a bit skeptical, but the Holy Ghost was there and she agreed that she also needed to find out for herself (before this she has never wanted to read or pray).  She does not want to admit that she can feel the Spirit. She will say something like "I can feel how passionate you are about this" or "I can really tell how much this means to you," but it is definitely the Holy Ghost that made her feel these things and then inspired her to want to know for herself.

A place called Tsing Yi
In our meeting with Silvia (who has a baptismal date) we reviewed the Plan of Salvation and talked about the importance of the things we do in this life. She then said that she has a bit of a problem with this plan. She said "Right now, I do not care too much about about after I die (referring to going to the Celestial Kingdom). So, then why do I need to do these things (faith in Jesus Christ, Repent, Baptism, receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end)?" I thought about it for a moment and then an answer came to me. It was definitely a learning moment for me too. I told her two things. First, I told her that whether she cares or not...one day she will die and these things will matter. But, more importantly God wants us to have joy both in this life and after we die. And, it is only through the gospel of Jesus Christ that we can have the absolute happiest life on earth. After I said that she got a huge smile and said "ohhhhhhh I get it." And then we picked a new baptismal date (but this time she was actually excited for it). The answer we gave (we expounded more) was very simple and something that I already knew, but for some reason the concept of the happiest life on earth coming only through the gospel of Jesus Christ sunk deeper into my soul. The best lessons are ones when everyone (investigators and missionaries) are learning special truths.

April is also doing great. Yesterday during sacrament meeting we had the privilege of having some area authorities come to speak.  One of the speakers was talking about how to have happy families through doing simple things such as praying and reading together. I was sitting on the stand (I am the back up chorister in our branch haha) and could see that April was puffy eyed and teary. I'm so grateful that the Spirit speaks to people.

Hong Kong is a wonderful place. Being a missionary is truly the happiest time. I am so grateful for all the lessons and opportunities that the Lord has given me. 

Some broccoli we bought at the store

With some bonus protein!

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