Monday, October 5, 2015

Book of Mormon Insights

Sister Park and I have had a great week. The Lord blessed us with so many miracles. We were blessed with the help of the Holy Ghost to guide us in all the things that we had to do. I want to start with sharing one of those miracles. Monday afternoon right before we went to send emails we got a call from a woman named Jenny. She told us that she had met other missionaries, but that they could not really speak Mandarin and so they just gave her our phone number. She then said "I am free to meet tonight. Where is your chapel?" At first I did not believe it. People do not ever seem to call us back. But, sure enough we went to meet with her and she was awesome! She has been in Hong Kong about a year and she really wants to learn. Sister Park and I were so grateful for that little miracle.

We also had a great lesson with another investigator on Friday. She saw a baptismal service last Sunday and she told us how spiritual and special it was. She also said that she feels that she has changed so much since we first started meeting. And it is very true. Sister Park and I can very obviously see a change. I think that before she was a bit sad, but now she seems to have a lot more pep. She shared with us about how she is changing and also how her relationship with her husband is improving too and she believes it is because of the gospel. Yay! I just love seeing the change that happens in people when they realize who they really are as children of God. Many people do not understand who they really are and we are so blessed that we get to be the ones to tell them.

I also love the Book of Mormon and want to share a bit about my adventures while reading the Book of Mormon this week. This week in my Book of Mormon reading I was in Jacob 5. I do not know why, but I seem to have an unusual fear of that chapter. Every time I have read the Book of Mormon I have been so stressed when I get to that chapter and always feel like I do not understand it (plus it is like 6 pages long...). And so, I started a bad habit of just reading through it really quick so that I can get to Jacob 6. But, this week I repented of that bad habit and studied that chapter for a couple of hours. It is delightful! I really regret not having studied it much earlier, but I am grateful that I was able to study it this week. I especially like when it says that "the Lord of the vineyard wept." The Lord loves and cares for all of us. We are all so lucky!

Also, random story of the week. Yesterday at church a member came up to me and hugged me. She had been gone in her hometown in northern China for about two weeks and so she said "Sister Sharp! I brought you a present from my home!" and I said "Yay!" (people always bring back yummy pastries and stuff from mainland so I was excited). But instead of a pastry she pulled out of her bag a giant sausage! Hahaha - it was the most random thing! I put it in my bag and then I smelled like sausage for the rest of church. Haha best present ever :)  

My present!

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