Monday, April 27, 2015

Loving my Mission

This week went great! Sister Ellsworth and I are continuing to work happy and hard! I personally feel like now that I am training I'm like 10x more tired than I used to be. But, that's ok ... it's a good tired. And I'm happy every day doing the Lord's work!

Monday we went to Lion's Rock! It is a supppper cool hiking place. But, by Hiking I mean Climbing up never ending stairs. I felt like Frodo and Sam and Gollum climbing up to Shelob's lair. (My daughter is so literate! - Dad)  But, it was a beautiful climb up to the top of this mountain! And on the top is the coolest view of Hong Kong!!! Hong Kong is such a cool and amazing city!

Sister Ellsworth, Sarah, and Sister Sharp
Sarah is awesome!!!!!! She was confirmed and given the Gift of the Holy Ghost in sacrament meeting yesterday. Yaya! So excited for her.

We have another investigator, Vivien, who is also super awesome. She is from Mainland (of course) and here for work. We actually met her because she found our church online and so then we got her referral and were able to give her a call. She is super great! I called her on Tuesday night to invite her to come to English class again this Wednesday and she told met that she was so glad I called because she was a bit upset because she felt like God wasn't hearing her prayers. She said that she really needed to find this book today and after trying as hard as she could she decided to pray. And then she prayed like 8 more times. She still couldn't find the book. I told her that sometimes God answers our prayers in ways that we don't expect, but that God always has a plan. She was satisfied by my answer. And then ... in English class the next day we read a story from the Children's section of the Liahona. It is about a little boy who is really ill and he asks Heavenly Father to heal him but it takes a really long time before he can get better. As Vivien was reading the story she was like "OH! I see! It's like me! I think this is an answer to my prayers!" She was super excited! The last paragraph said something about how God always knows what is best for us and somehow he will always answer our prayers - and Vivien was like "I think God is just trying to teach me the same lesson!"

So yup! This week went really well. Just some good ole missionary work! We are being so blessed over here in Hong Kong. And I am really starting to understand how great the gift of tongues is. I didn't realize how much I could speak (or at least how much the Lord would help me speak) Chinese until my companion doesn't speak very much. But, even now Sister Ellsworth's Chinese is improving sooo fast too! Basically, we are really blessed to be out here doing the Lord's work.
At dinner the other night a member ordered every person an entire chicken. I repeat....the ENTIRE CHICKEN! And we ate every single part (except the head...she didn't make us eat the head). And when her daughter couldn't finish her whole chicken Sister Ellsworth and I had to eat that one too. I had an entire one and a half chickens. I was soooo full!

At the top of Lion Rock - with obligatory peace sign!


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