Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Finding Experiences

This week has been so good! As scheduled Sarah was baptized yesterday!!!!!!!!! She was so happy and her baptism meeting was so good. She shared such a great testimony afterwards. I myself learned a powerful lesson. Remember how she had told me that I had called when she was having a bad day? Well she said that happens all the time and that she was so grateful that I was listening to the spirit and called her just when she needed it. So awesome! I'm so happy that we were able to help her to come to understand who she really is as a daughter of God. I learned to never ever shove away the little promptings. as small as they seem - they could mean a lot to someone else. 

Sister Ellsworth is doing awesome! I have a great trainee! She is really excited to be doing the work here and is ready to jump in and work hard. Plus, we are having lots of fun together!

Our other investigators are doing really well too. We have one, Cynthia, who is just amazing. We met with her yesterday and she came in with her Book of Mormon all highlighted and tabbed up. She had very obviously been studying it. I asked why she had marked it up and she said that the things she marked are things that can help her or others. And we were like "yes! That is exactly what the BoM is for!" 

Our finding this week went really well. I think we were really led by the spirit. We had one experience where we got on a bus and the guy across the aisle was speaking on the phone in Mandarin and so of course I had to talk to him (after he hung up). We just small talked and then he started telling me about how he had seen missionaries before and that he actually lives pretty close to one of our chapels. He personally isn't religious, but he said that he doesn't normally take this bus and so then I said "Well yeah I think Heavenly Father led you to us!" and he was like "Oh yeah, maybe!" SO, that was pretty cool. 

Doing missionary work is the best! Time flies by sooo fast - like super duper fast. I am really working on not wasting any moment of it. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to put all my heart, might, mind, and strength into serving the Lord.

Hey! Just thought I'd share some other experiences from this week. We really were so blessed meeting people who needed to hear the gospel. 

So while walking home from the Kowloon Tong chapel we passed by a lady and I was like "Ok we need to talk to her" and so I turned around and started talking to her. She was super nice. We talked for a bit and we shared a bit about what we do. I felt impressed to tell her that we share with everyone our message because we know that everyone is a beloved child of God and then I told her that she is a daughter of God and that he loves her more than she can imagine. She immediately burst in to tears. She told us a bit about how her life has been a bit hard recently and then also told us about her father's death. We just testified of God's love for her and her family and then we also talked a bit about the Plan of Salvation. She called us angels and said that we came right when she needed it. I'm so grateful for that experience. 

80+ year old guy in the park: 
We were in the Kwun Tong park and Sister Ellsworth said she had to sit to fix her socks (she told me afterwards that she felt impressed). So, she sat and then started to say something to me in Chinese. The old man next to her heard us and was like "Oh you speak mandarin?" and he said it in Mandarin too! Which, is pretty rare because most of the older generation don't speak Mandarin, but he was actually from the mainland. We ended up talking to him for like an hour. He personally doesn't have any religious background. He said that his schooling taught them all to be atheist. But, none the less he was really interested in what we said. If anything, the fact that we spoke Chinese was a testimony enough that there was something out there helping us to learn this language. By the end of our conversation (and it really was a good conversation - he was super nice and funny) we could see the change. I think he had begun to open his heart and let the Light of Christ out. 

He Jiemei: 
While finding on Wednesday we stopped a lady and told her that we were church volunteers who share about Jesus Christ. She was like "really??? I have been wanting to learn about Jesus but no one will tell me." She too was raised with no religious background but was interested by what her friends believed. We taught her a bit about prayer and then rescheduled her for Friday. On Friday we met and expanded more on who God and Christ are and about communicating with Heavenly Father through prayer. We asked how she felt about it and she said that she felt a special feeling and she knew that what we were saying was true. She also said she felt it the moment we stopped her on the street! 

So these are just a couple of examples of some of the really awesome things that have happened this week. The Lord really is leading His work and helping us to find those who are ready to receive Him.

Ok that's about it for this week!!!!!!! I love you guys sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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