Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Senior Missionaries are Awesome!

Sister Ellsworth and I witnessed a lot of miracles this week!

Tuesday afternoon our lesson for that evening was cancelled and we did not have a full lesson scheduled. We were a bit bummed, but we also were still determined to have a full lesson. We called everyone we knew. We started with investigators, less actives and then also called members. No one was available. We were trying to think of anyone that we could call next when another set of missionaries called and said that they had a turnover lesson for us and asked us when we were available. We were like "How about tonight?" and so then they called the lady back and scheduled her for that evening. We went to the turnover and had a wonderful lesson with a woman named Daisy and her daughter Cherry. We rescheduled her and also invited her to church. And then she came! Miracles!

I'm also really grateful for senior missionaries. They are such an example of faithfulness, gratitude, and sincerity. We have been blessed with many opportunities in the last few weeks to work with the senior missionaries. They all live in the same apartment complex and we have a couple investigators who live there too and the senior couples have been so eager to take people to church and help teach them. They bring a great spirit into the lessons that we are really grateful for. Just last night we had a family home evening type activity with about 8 senior missionaries, us and then one of our investigators and her daughter. We played a really cool and spiritual get to know you game. It went so well and everyone was bearing testimony and crying (including our investigator).

One of our investigators, Kimmy, who also lives there is doing great! She really opened up in our last lesson and shared some experiences in her life that have brought her to the point where she wants to know God. She also really loves going to church. Yesterday during Sacrament Meeting she got up to bear her testimony. It was so cute. After Relief Society she asked our Relief Society President if she could borrow the manual that we were taught out of (one of the teachings of the prophet). We saw her standing at the bus stop on the way home intently reading it. She has such a desire for knowledge and is so excited to learn as much as she can so that she can get to know our Heavenly Father.

I am so happy to be here in Hong Kong doing the work of the Lord. I have seen so many miracles and I know that this really is God's work!

From Dad - For some reason, Hannah sent us lots of pictures with food!  Sounds good to me!

Hannah turned 20 this week!

Apparently, she got two birthday cakes
Eating pizza - yummmm!  

Eating Thai - double yummm!

Some sort of toast, fruit, ice cream concoction!!!

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