Monday, August 17, 2015

Welcome Sister Park!

This week has been wonderful! Everyday as a missionary is such a blessing. On Thursday I said goodbye to Sister Ellsworth (though I will still see her all the time) and said hello to my new TRAINEE! I'm training again! It was very exciting to meet Sister Park. She is from Korea and is super adorable. We have become quick friends. I am also enjoying the opportunity to help her learn more English and Mandarin. In only these last few days I have seen (well...heard) her language skills increase so much. When we got together on Thursday she had never said nor knew how to say a prayer in Mandarin, but by Friday evening she was praying in Mandarin. It is such a privilege to see her being blessed with the gift of tongues. I am also really grateful for a few months ago when I was cleaning out my suitcase and I was about to throw away my MTC grammar books and then something told me I should hold on to them just in case. And now, Sister Park is making wonderful use of them (since she did not go to the Provo MTC and get her own study materials). The Lord has a plan for everything. I am grateful that I listened to that seemingly pointless thought.

The highlight of this week was that our investigator, April, came to church yesterday!!! She has been to church before (to Cantonese wards) but has never come to our branch.  And, not only did she come, but she brought her whole family: husband and two sons. They had a wonderful time.

This week was absolutely wonderful!
We made sure that they met every member and that they had a great first experience. I think it went well. April was scheduled to be baptized on August 30, but she is going back to mainland for a week (and will not be able to come to church next Sunday). So, we have decided to change her date to September 13. She is still very excited to be baptized. I think that coming to church yesterday gave her the opportunity to see what her family could become if they were all to accept this gospel. She has a goal to go to the Temple and all we want is to help her get there.

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