Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Wow, what a fast week. Like seriously, the fastest week so far. Every single day was so busy!
Tuesday we started zone exchanges! I went into a tripanionship with two of our Tagalog sisters and got to work in Victoria 2, the everyday branch. It is super cool! In this branch they have church everyday for the domestic helpers (mostly from the Philippines and Indonesia) who only get one day off of work. And so, those sisters who do not get off work on Sunday can go to church during any other day of the week. So cool! Anyways, so while on exchanges I got to go to church on Tuesday. The Sisters in that branch are all so nice and sweet! It was so fun being with them. And I feel like I learned so much while working with the two other sister missionaries. Maganda ka!
Thursday was Chinese New Year! As a China Hong Kong Mission we spend the entire day deep cleaning our apartments ... literally cleaning every single inch. By the end of the night we were all so exhausted, but our apartment was so clean I would have been willing to eat off of the floor.
We took a break during our deep cleans to go with the Elders to visit a family for Chinese New Year! What an awesome family! The Husband is the most humble and awesome man ever! And his wife is so great! And their kids are nice too! Unfortunately, their 12 year old daughter is a bit less committed to church, so Sister Tse and I are getting to work with her. But I'm excited for it. She is awesome.
On Saturday we took Candy to see the Temple. She really wants to be able to go in one day. She told us that she wants to be like us one day. She is so awesome! Sunday after church we had a lesson with her about faith. I think it really helped her. She is preparing to be baptized on March 15!
This morning we went to Victoria Peak with some of our roommates. It is supposed to have like the best view of Hong Kong....unfortunately it was sooooo foggy! So the view wasn't really the best, but it was still really fun!

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have here as a missionary. I cannot believe it has already been 6 months. Time is going by too fast (I know my family probably thinks otherwise). I am so grateful to have been called here. The Lord's work is moving forward and I am happy to be a part of building up His kingdom in Hong Kong!
Happy Chinese New Year!
Foggy Victoria Peak!
The fog cleared a bit and we had a view of the city

Hiking up to the peak

(Dad here)  And now we have some Q&A from the kids that Hannah answered:

From Hazel

Did you have fun at Chinese New Year?
     YES, CNY was FUN!!!  We cleaned and ate yummy food.

What is the hardest part of being a missionary?
     Sometimes the people are difficult.

What is the best part?
     Helping people!!!

From Lilly

Do you get to eat those yummy Chinese candies a lot?

Hannah's CNY shirt - it's the Year of the Sheep (Dad's year)
What kind of hair accessories do you get in China?
     There are lots of hair ties and scrunchies and stuff.

Do you ever eat American food?
     We really only eat American food when we have no time to eat and have to run to McDonald's.
From Emmett
How often do you speak English?
     I speak English with my companion and most of the other missionaries.

What does the weather feel like?
     The weather right now is great! It is like 50-60-70 so it's perfect ... but I think it will get hot pretty soon.

Do you celebrate other holidays besides CNY?
     Yes! We celebrate Christmas! And we did a big missionary dinner for Thanksgiving!

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