Monday, February 16, 2015

Chinese New Year

Hello Everyone! This has been a great week! Hong Kong is really beautiful right now! Everyone is gearing up for Chinese New Year this week! Even the security guard for our apartement building has been putting up decorations everywhere. I am excited! It will be my first Chinese New Year actually in China! So fun!

Chinese New Year decorations
Chinese new year is great! But, it means that everyone is out of school and work. So yes, nobody wants to meet with us this next week because they are all going back home to mainland for the holidays. But that's alright. We have been so busy teaching lessons recently (don't get me wrong I am not complaining at all) that we haven't really been able to go finding. But, it looks like this week will be different! 

This last week we met lots of new investigators (though they are all in mainland now). We also continued to meet with our other investigators. Candy in particular is doing SO GREAT! I am so excited for her!

On Saturday Sister Tse and I taught English class (it was Valentine's Day so of course our class was Valentine's Day themed). We asked Candy to make a sentence using the word "husband" and she said "I hope I can have an eternal husband." We (and all the other missionaries) were like YES! Best sentence ever!

For P-day today Candy wanted to hang out with us, so we went to Korean BBQ (sooooo yummy) and shopping because she wanted us to help her find skirts that she can wear to church and then we went to the Chinese New Year fair! It has been a long, but very fun day.

Basically, everything is going great! I hope everyone has a very happy Chinese New year! Xinnian Kuaile! 

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