Tuesday, May 19, 2015

FULL of Miracles

The only way to describe this week is to say that it was FULL of miracles! We have been so blessed!!

To start: we had four people at church yesterday! FOUR! The last several weeks have been really tough with not many people being able to come to church, but then something happened and now everyone is coming. It's great! 

Our investigator Stella (who was the miracle that came to church last week with her son) is doing awesome! I'll be honest again and admit that I didn't really think that they would make much progress. But, they are doing so great! We went to their house this weekend for dinner (which was delicious) and a lesson. For the first time I was really able to see the Spirit work on her and she totally opened up to us. And then they both came to church on Sunday!

Hong Kong Temple
We were able to meet several newer investigators this week and they are all super awesome. One of them is Nina and I think she is the biggest miracle EVER! She actually met the Elders first when she came to English Class last week. We weren't there but the Mandarin Elders were able to talk to her. We were then able to meet her this week at English class. She is so awesome!!! She investigated the church about a year and a half ago and really wanted to get baptized, but then because of some family emergencies had to go back to Mainland. But, now that she is back she wants to pick right back up. And so, her current baptismal date is June 21! When we first met her she said "I was supposed to be baptized on December 8, but couldn't. I want to be baptized!" She also came to church on Sunday. And then we met with her yesterday morning. She is such an incredible woman and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to meet and work with her!

Another miracle is that we got to go to the temple this morning! Yay! The Temple is the best!!!

In our zone conference this week the focus was on becoming a better teacher. Obviously, to be a better teacher we just need to look at the Master, Jesus Christ. I am so grateful to be here and to be serving Him and our Father in Heaven! That is a blessing too!!!

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